Pictorial History Lancaster

In September 2006, a monument was unveiled, as a remembrance to the airmen of the Lancaster ME846 – RAF-squadron 619. This bomber was shot down in Mol Postel (Belgium) on June, 22, 1944. About this Lancaster, we published also a book describing in detail the flight, the crew members, and how one of the soldiers was kept out of hands of the German enemy by the Lifeline in the Kempen area (undercover organisation during WW II).

The reference to this book (in Dutch): De laatste vlucht van Lancaster ME846 – RAF-squadron 619 – Mol-Postel 22 juni 1944

We now publish here a Pictorial History (free download). We want to make the information (esp. the pictures) about this history available to all interested people, and at the same time give an update about all information that was found after the publication of the book.

Download here the Pictorial History (file size approx. 4Mb)